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Peconic Pest Control provides a wide range of services to relieve you from any pest problems you might have.
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Since 1997, Peconic Pest Control has been a leader in providing pest control services in the Hamptons. Founded by David O’Connor and his wife Maria, the small company quickly grew to become a trusted name in pest control for year-round and seasonal residents. Dave originally went to college to study law and worked in pest control during the summers to help pay his way through school.  After he graduated, he decided to open Peconic Pest Control to help home and business owners eliminate their pest problems.Within a few years, the company grew to seven employees who quickly became like family. They all had the same goal: to help people by solving their pest control issues.


Today, the company continues in its dedication to help the residents and business owners of the Hampton area have safer, cleaner, and healthier places to live and work. Peconic Pest Control uses environmentally-friendly, humane products and state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate current pest problems and work with the client to prevent future occurrences. We pride ourselves in providing courteous, fast responses, and will work to fix the problem until the client is completely satisfied.